Who IS Ascension Ranch?

Our Mission

The definition of a “food desert” is living one mile or more from a grocery store where fresh fruits and vegetables are regularly in stock.  In rural areas like Ascension Ranch, the “food desert” is more than a 30-mile drive from a grocery store.  Ascension Ranch devotes its mission to ending food insecurity around the Coconino County areas known as food deserts through free donations of all produce from the ranch’s harvest to individuals and communities in need.  Ascension Ranch collaborated with The Free Seed Project, who provided seed packets free of charge to fuel community building, selfless giving, and healthy eating.

Additionally, Ascension Ranch serves as a meeting place for families and friends, a hub to promote community participation and volunteering through programming centered on sustainable farming, holistic living, food production, and the environment.   

Ascension Ranch

Vision Statement

Everyone has a right to abundant health, natural food, fresh air, and wholesome fun. Ascension Ranch provides interactive learning programs and experiences customized to meet the specific needs of children and adults with creative, hands-on, farm education programs and nature-based activities.

Highlights of Northern Arizona

In support of the mission, Ascension Ranch is committed to the following: